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Project report for two wheeler automobile workshop is as followsIndia is the second largest producer and manufacturer of 2 wheelers in the world. Indian 2 wheeler industry has grown spectacularly in the last few years.Huge Population of 128 Million.India depends on service sector heavily for boosting its GDP, which is around 69% of the total GDP. Till 2020, this rate is expected to go up by >80%! It is also a significant employment generator. Service sector encompasses a variety of industries like healthcare, financial services, Automobile industry and banking, which has growing at 28% ...

Product / Services & process

The firm provide the following services :1.Two wheeler general  services 2. New technology implemented complaints rectification 3. Full engine servicing  using proper company recommended tools 4. Special eletrical ramps gives maximum safety for bikes 5. Use only genuine spare sparts 6. Customer call back facility after service 7. Road assistance facility 8. Insurance claim 9  Free customer service 10.Total bike inspection and fine tuning 

Market potential & Strategy

Everyone is facing acute scarcity of time, they need workshop with pick up and drop facility at your doorsteps at convenient time and also helping seniors on-road at the time of breakdowns.India, a nation where one can get pizza in just 30 minutes by dialing a call number; but what happens if one’s 2 wheeler encounters trouble on road? We aim to be the trouble shooters. Unfortunately none were providing these services.The firm provides road side assistance, pick and drop of two wheelers at extra charge, quick response for our regular customers and the unique list goes on. These are the USPs ...

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