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Project report for Beautyparlour is as followsBeauty is the gift of god and transmitted from one to the other generation. The beauty parlour shop is the need of every age of men women and children famours poet keats defined the word beauty as : " A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Beauty parlour is a very important shop to make the people good looking by application of cosmetics treatment of hair and nourishment of skin by various methods . Life style is fast changing in the modern era and the women have become more conscious about their make up the status of women has improved a lot ...

Product / Services & process

The beauty therapy is basically classified in items like hair cutting, nourishment of hair, dyeing of hair, prevention of hair fall, facial, treatment of pimples, pedicure etc. Facial itself is a very vast subject in which eye brow shaping, cleaning of face to remove dirt, application of cream and herbal extracts to nullify the aging and to cover wrinkles etc. As per the demand, special application of natural color to increase the beauty or aesthetic sense, use of eye pencil in eyebrow, eye lashes also measure the quality of the service provided by the parlour. Hair colouring with natural ...

Market potential & Strategy

Beauty culture training is now-a-days, imparted by number private organizations and trained ladies try to set up their beauty par lour in medium and small towns through out India. The easily availability of different herbal preparation, cosmetic items helps to maintain quality of service of these beauty par lour. The demand of attending beauty parlour centre is mostly found in age group 18-48 years. In population growth, the growth of this age group is now found to be highest in India. In good beauty par lour even the customers have to wait for days together with an advance booking This type ...

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