Project report for Barbed wire manufacturing


Project report for Barbed wire manufacturing is as follows:

Barbed wire production business can be initiated as small and medium scale basis with a comparatively small startup capital investment. The galvanized barbed wire is classified into three categories; Classes I, II, and III. Class I has the thinnest coating and the shortest life expectancy.A wire with Class I coating will start showing general rusting in 8 to 10 years while the same wire with Class III coating will show rust in 15 to 20 years. The aluminum-coated wire is occasionally used and yields a longer life. Barbed wire is generally used for security purpose.

Product / Services & process

The firm focuses on manufacturing barbed wires from an automatic machine. Additionally, you will need to have the 12/14 SWG MS Galvanized wires for manufacturing. While two mainline wires are fed into the machines through its axes another wire is fed into the machines through its axes another wire is fed across into the pair of line wires to form barbs at required intervals.The line wire twines themselves automatically the point wire after forming the desired barbs strands with the line wires automatically at the desired distance thus forming the complete barbed wire. As the machine is automatic, you can control all its feeding and wire cutting mechanism by gear movements.

Market potential & Strategy

Barbed wire is an essential item to safeguard houses, gardens, forests, nurseries and specified prohibited areas pertaining to the defense establishment, aerodromes, railways, warehouses and other Govt. and Private properties. They are essential items to make and safeguard international boundaries. Also, these are the cheapest materials to use for these various purposes. Growing population, increasing numbers of building and construction, increasing the security issues in the current socio-economic zone, are the major factors of the increasing demand for barbed wire. The potential of this industry is increasing day by day.



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