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India is facing a shortfall in emergency medical services (EMS) in urban and rural areas. The ratio of ambulance per person in India is currently 3:1000. The practice of ambulance outsourcing in India is growing. This sector has a bright future as the outsourcing model proves to be beneficial here for any industry. Most of the corporate houses require dedicated ambulances stationed at their work place to provide immediate medical assistance to their employees during an emergency. The industrial areas too are looking for EMS professionals. A hospital’s, core competency is treatment and find it ...

Product / Services & process

The firm is headed by the pioneers in the ambulance manufacturing industry. The firm takes care of all type of ambulances including the folloing classes defined by Indian Govt: . Our speciality relies in the following area and on all type of vehicles.1. Type A Road Ambulance: Medical First Responder   Road ambulance designed to provide emergent out-of-hospital medical care to patients when stationary. This vehicle maybe any CMVR-approved Category M or L vehicle suitable for the terrain to be used in, but will not have the capability to transport patients in supine state or provide them ...

Manufacturing process

 Ambulance manufacturers purchase many components from other suppliers rather than fabricate them themselves. These include the vehicle cab and chassis, warning lights and sirens, radios, most electrical system components, the heating and air conditioning components, the oxygen system components, and various body trim pieces like windows, latches, handles, and hinges.If the ambulance has a separate body, the body framework is usually made of formed or extruded aluminum. The outer walls are painted aluminum sheet, and the interior walls are usually aluminum sheet covered with a vinyl coating ...

Market potential & Strategy

India as a developing country, investing heavily in the health of its citizen. As part of the venture, Govt has funded deeply on providing medical assistance and emergency transportation of the citizen through ambulances. The scope of ambulances has been redefined in India since 2000. The Indian Govt: has classified ambulances into four class and with the Union- state funded scheme a PPP (private public partnership) has been formed for managing ambulances state wide by providing 108, 112 and 102 as common helpline numbers.  The awareness of saving a human life with in the ‘Golden hour’ after ...

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