Project report for Aluminium Fabrication


Aluminum fabricated items like doors, windows, staircase, hand rails and supports, railings  for verandas, corridors etc. have become that standard accepted feature in most modern buildings,  The use of aluminum in business and office  complexes , buildings,   theatres   ,auditorium   is   very   extensive   for   functional   as   well   as decorative  purposes.  Similarly  in  residential  buildingsalso  aluminum  doors, windows,  railings,  grill  works  etc.  are  used  extensively.  Textile  shops  and  other trading  shops  in  lighter  materials  too  are  going  in  for  shelves  made  of  aluminum for tacking purposes.The  many  advantages  of  aluminum  such  as  lightweight,  strength,  corrosion resistance,   durability,   ease   in   fabrication,   attractive   appearance   and   easy maintenance  make  it  a  popular  material  for  use  in  modern  building.  Aluminum required for use in buildings are  available from large scale manufacturers-such as Balco,  Jindal,  Hindalco  etc.  as  extruded  sections  in  various  shapes  and  sizes  for specific  uses.  These  sections  are  also  available  through  their  local  dealers.  The usual  length  of  these  sections  is  12  ft.  24  meters.  Fabricators  anodized  these  to desiredcolours and fabricate the items as per the customer’s requirements. These items  have  good  appearance  and  finish  and  the  maintenance  expenses  are  almost nil   while   steel   and   wooden   items   require   regular   painting   and   polishing periodically.

Product / Services & process

The following are the products  service we were planning:

1) Aluminium stair  case handle rail

2) Aluminium show cases

3) Racks and storage

4) Doors and Windows

5) Roofings

Market potential & Strategy

The development and construction activities being interlinked, there is good scope for  aluminium  fabrication  units  for  meeting the growing  demand of  new  building for  offices,  business  and  shopping  complexes  theatres  etc.  Aluminium  fabricated and anodized items like doors, windows, railings, staircases, shelves; ladders, etc. are  being  increasingly  used  in  the  modern  constructions  on  considerations  of durability  and  appearance.  In  the  present  trend  ,  theatres  restaurants,  hotels, shopping   complexes,   office   premisesand   other   luxurious   building   are   fast replacing wooden materials with aluminium-fabricated items. The consumption of these items is on the increase.

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