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The project report for pickle manufacturing is as follows:The global pickles market reached a value of US$ 10.3 Billion in 2018. Pickles are a rich source of essential nutrients like vitamins, iron, calcium and potassium and possess anti-oxidant properties. They are prepared to preserve or extend the lifespan of a fruit, vegetable or a mix of both, by either anaerobic fermentation in brine or immersion in vinegar. They are known for a wide range of health benefits, such as improving digestion, supplying essential minerals and vitamins and reducing ulcers. In recent years, the aggressive ...

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Pickles are one of the important consumer products. Pickles are of diffeent varieties in veg and non-veg. The importantpickles inIndia are mango, drumstick, brinzal, gongura, mirchi pickle, chicken pickle, mutton pickle, fish pickle and prawn pickle. Pickles are one of the earliest commercial products appeared in the market. InOrissa and Andhra Pradesh, the people are consuming the varius pickles in daily diet. Pickles are consumed along with staple food such as rice, chapathi, bread, samosa,upma, etc. Particularly in both states particularlyin tribal areas, raw material availability is high. ...

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