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Project report for Vegetable shop  is as followsIndia has replaced China as the most favorable market for retail expansion, supported by a fast-growing economy, increasing consumption rates, rising urbanizing population and a burgeoning middle class. With more than 100 million cultivators in India, the market size of fruits and vegetables trading is almost $200 billion dollars. This is more than half of the $383 billion food and grocery industry in India.While in B2C segment, we have Big Basket, Zopnow, Grofers and Peppertap leading the online grocery market, the B2B marketplace is not ...

Product / Services & process

We offer a vegetable shop which will have all variety of fresh vegetables and fruits

Market potential & Strategy

The recovery in consumer spending is visible across almost all the industry sectors especially in food and grocery. Revival and growth of Indian retail industry in the past few months are due to the  early festive season. But at the same time, spending will not be as high as the previous years. Consumer's mentality and sentiment has changed as affected by the global situation. Now consumers are adopting a mindset of "Shift to thriftapproach. Consumers are focusing more on value from the offerings, whereby they want to save money everywhere and hence are seeking lower priced, ...

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