Project report for Ayurvedic Medicines


Project report for   Ayurvedic Medicines manufacturing is as follows :  Ayurvedic  medicines  are  being  popular  day  by  day    because  these    medicines  used  in  the  treatment  of  all  kind  of  diseases.    Ayurvedic  system  of    medicine  is  as  old  as  the  vedic  age.    Now-a-days  people  give  preference  to  the  Ayurvedic  medicines  as  the    Allopathic  medicines  are  costlier  and  have  side  effects.  Ayurvedic medicines are based on plants, animals extracts and minerals both in single ingredient drugs and compound formulations.  Basic  raw materials used  in  ...

Product / Services & process

Ashokarishta ,Lakhibilas,Lavan Bhaskar,Chyavan Prash ,Gandhakadi Malham1. Arishta & Asava : Asavas  and  Arishtas  are  made  by  soaking  the  herb  either  in  powder  form  or in the form of decoction  (Kasaya) in a solution of sugar or jaggery, as the case may  be,  for  a  specific  period  of  time,  during  which  it  undergoes  a  process  of    fermentation   generating   alcohol   and   facilitate   the   extraction   of   the   active   ingredients  contained  in  the  drugs.    The  alcohol  so  generated,  also  act  as  a  preservative. a) Aristha : The drugs in the text ...

Raw materials / Consumables

All  the  raw  materials  such  as  herbs,  minerals  etc.  for  preparation  of  Ayurvedic  medicines  are  available  in    India  abundantly,  particularly    in  N.E.  Region and Himalayan Range as a whole.

Market potential & Strategy

There  are  more  than  500  Pharmaceuticals  Industries  are  working  in  the  state   of   Haryana.      Approximately      200   out   of   500   units   are   engaged   in   manufacturing  Ayurvedic  medicine.    Since  ancient  times  India  is  a  preacher  for  Ayurvedic medicines and its use for mankind.  Earlier their use was only confined to the rural area, but due to increasing side effects of allopathic medicines use of such  type    medicines  increasing  both  in  rural  and  urban  areas  and  demand  for  Ayurvedic  medicines  is  increasing  till  date.    The  rural  areas  ...

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