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Create a new project report with finline

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    Company info

    You have to fill the details of the company for which you are developing the project report. The company info is a basic information collection point for the project report, here user has to give the basic details regarding the firm such as Name, address etc..

    User has to enter the personal details of the promoter. If multiple promoters are there, then you should enter the details of allpromoters

    Once you have enter all the details Click "Save and next" button to navigate to next step

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    Business info

    Business info will be a detailed explanation of the activities of the firm.The business info is a 10 step process in which each step will be filled out with respect to the corresponding topic.

    If a particular step is not relevant to you, simply leave the step as blank and just click save and next button, by leaving it blank you are just ‘skiping’ this step.

    There is a sample “load content” available on each step on the right side – through which user can simply load sample content of that category and just need a minimal editing to make it yours.

    After the 10th step you have to click the finish button to move on to financials

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    The financial info is one of the main components in the project report. It depicts the usage and surplus balance of money for a projected period. With the financial projections one can understand the health of the firm during the projected years. Also with the ratios derived from the financial projections can be used as indicators for the performance of the firm. The financial ratios are arranged in 6 steps over here.

    In the whole financial section user can see the "add" button , which indicate to add the details of the specific category

    The financial section is divided into seven steps . You should go throuh each step to generate your financial projections.
    The seven steps are
        Fixed and working Capital
        Means of finance
        Sales and revenue
        Term loan
        Additional assets
    We provide a icon near to all the fields. Just Hover the mouse over the icon and you will get a explanation about the field

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    Project Preview

    Preview will help user to cross check the submitted values and help the user to edit or correct it accordingly. It is advisable to have a preview of the ratios, financials and other literature texts before going for download. Here we can see the preview page displays the financial ratios and the assumptions of the same. User can see the comments of ratios given by the software, if found its weak, the user can do it any time. So we not only create project report but also assess the same and alerts the user to correct the mistakes..

    In the view reports, user can see the project report as a finished one. User can see either professional one or basic report of the same . Once they found the reports are satisfactory without any spelling mistake or data errors, they can go for download the same.

    Generate report – By clicking this button user will be navigated to the download page.

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    Images / files

    User can Upload Images of his products or suporting documents here . This is not a mandatory section.

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    Download report

    Download procedure will be of 4 steps.

    Select plan : Software itself will suggest the usr about the type of report to be downloaded. you can also change the plan too

    Billing : You will notify the billing amount here. You can also apply the coupon code here

    Billing address : You should enter the exact billing address here .All fields are mandatory here

    Payment : You will be redirected Paytm payment gatway to complate your transaction. Once the payment is complate and success ,You will be redirected to the report download page.